Prephenate Dehydratase


Chorismate Mutase Prephenate Dehydratase

Chorismate Mutase-Prephenate Dehydratase

Dehydratase, Chorismate Mutase-Prephenate

Dehydratase, Prephenate

Hydro-lyase, Prephenate

Mutase-Prephenate Dehydratase, Chorismate

Prephenate Hydro lyase

Prephenate Hydro-lyase

Prephenate hydro-lyase (decarboxylating)

An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of prephenate to phenylpyruvate with the elimination of water and carbon dioxide. In the enteric bacteria this enzyme also possesses chorismate mutase activity, thereby catalyzing the first two steps in the biosynthesis of phenylalanine. EC