Proprotein Convertase 2


Convertase 2, Prohormone

Convertase 2, Proinsulin

Convertase PC2, Neuroendocrine

Convertase PC2, Prohormone

Convertase, PC2 Prohormone

Endopeptidase PC2

Endoprotease, PC2

Neuroendocrine Convertase PC2

PC2 Endoprotease

PC2 Prohormone Convertase

PC2 Protein

PC2, Endopeptidase

Prohormone Convertase 2

Prohormone Convertase PC2

Prohormone Convertase, PC2

Proinsulin Convertase 2

A serine endopeptidase that has specificity for cleavage at ARGININE. It cleaves a variety of prohormones including PRO-OPIOMELANOCORTIN, proluteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone, proenkephalins, prodynorphin, and PROINSULIN.