Proprotein Convertases


Convertase, POMC

Convertase, Prohormone

Convertase, Proopiomelanocortin

Convertase, Proprotein

Convertases, Prohormone

Convertases, Proprotein

Convertases, Subtilisin-Like Proprotein

Converting Enzyme, Pro-Opiocortin

Converting Enzyme, Pro-Opiomelanocortin

Converting Protease, Pro-Opiocortin

POMC Convertase

POMC Converting Enzyme

POMC Enzyme

POMC-Converting Enzyme

Pro Opiocortin Converting Enzyme

Pro Opiocortin Converting Protease

Pro Opiomelanocortin Converting Enzyme

Pro-Opiocortin Converting Enzyme

Pro-Opiocortin Converting Protease

Pro-Opiomelanocortin Converting Enzyme

Prohormone Convertase

Prohormone Convertases

Proopiomelanocortin Convertase

Proprotein Convertase

Proprotein Convertase, Subtilisin Kexin Family

Proprotein Convertase, Subtilisin-Kexin Family

Proprotein Convertases, Subtilisin Kexin Family

Proprotein Convertases, Subtilisin-Kexin Family

Proprotein Convertases, Subtilisin-Like

Subtilisin Like Proprotein Convertases

Subtilisin-Like Proprotein Convertases

Proteolytic enzymes that are involved in the conversion of protein precursors such as peptide prohormones into PEPTIDE HORMONES. Some are ENDOPEPTIDASES, some are EXOPEPTIDASES.