Protein Deglycase DJ-1


DJ 1 PARK7 Protein

DJ 1 Protein

DJ-1 Protein

DJ-1, Protein Deglycase

DJ-1-PARK7 Protein

DJ1 Protein

Deglycase, Parkinsonism Associated

PARK7 Protein

Parkinson Protein 7

Parkinsonism Associated Deglycase

A protein deglycase that repairs methylglyoxal- and glyoxal-glycated amino acids and proteins, releasing repaired proteins and lactate or glycolate. It deglycates CYSTEINE, ARGININE and LYSINE residues to reactivate proteins by reversing glycation and prevent the formation of ADVANCED GLYCATION END PRODUCTS. It protects cells against OXIDATIVE STRESS and CELL DEATH by functioning as an oxidative stress sensor and redox-sensitive MOLECULAR CHAPERONE and PROTEASE. Mutations in the PARK7 gene are associated with autosomal-recessive, early-onset PARKINSON DISEASE.