Protein Sorting Signals


Leader Peptide

Leader Peptides

Leader Sequence, Peptide

Leader Sequences, Peptide

Leader Signal Peptide

Leader Signal Peptides

Peptide Leader Sequence

Peptide Leader Sequences

Peptide Signal Sequence

Peptide Signal Sequences

Peptide, Leader

Peptide, Leader Signal

Peptide, Signal

Peptides, Leader

Peptides, Leader Signal

Peptides, Signal

Protein Sorting Signal

Sequence, Peptide Leader

Sequence, Peptide Signal

Sequence, Signal

Sequences, Peptide Leader

Sequences, Peptide Signal

Sequences, Signal

Signal Peptide

Signal Peptide, Leader

Signal Peptides

Signal Peptides, Leader

Signal Sequence

Signal Sequence, Peptide

Signal Sequences

Signal Sequences, Peptide

Signal, Protein Sorting

Signals, Protein Sorting

Sorting Signal, Protein

Sorting Signals, Protein

Amino acid sequences found in transported proteins that selectively guide the distribution of the proteins to specific cellular compartments.