PrP 27-30 Protein


Associated Fibril-Protein, Scrapie

Fibril Protein, Scrapie Associated

Fibril-Protein, Scrapie Associated

Fibril-Protein, Scrapie-Associated

Fibrils, Scrapie Associated

Fibrils, Scrapie-Associated

PrP 27 30 Protein

Scrapie Associated Fibril Protein

Scrapie Associated Fibril-Protein

Scrapie Associated Fibrils

Scrapie PrP 27 30 Protein

Scrapie PrP 27-30 Protein

Scrapie-Associated Fibril-Protein

Scrapie-Associated Fibrils

Protease-resistant core of PrPSc, the abnormal isoform of PRION PROTEINS. PrP 27-30 is produced by limited proteolysis of the N-terminus of PrPSc.