Pseudocowpox Virus


Milker Nodes Virus

Milker's Nodes Virus

Milker's Nodes Viruses

Milkers Nodes Virus

Milkers' Nodes Virus

Milkers' Nodes Viruses

Nodes Virus, Milker's

Nodes Viruses, Milker's

Paravaccinia Virus

Paravaccinia Viruses

Pseudo Cowpox Virus

Pseudo-Cowpox Virus

Pseudo-Cowpox Viruses

Pseudocowpox Viruses

Virus, Milker's Nodes

Virus, Paravaccinia

Virus, Pseudocowpox

Viruses, Milker's Nodes

Viruses, Paravaccinia

Viruses, Pseudocowpox

A species of PARAPOXVIRUS causing a pox-like disease on udders of cows that may spread to milkers.