Pulmonary Emphysema


Centriacinar Emphysema

Centriacinar Emphysemas

Centrilobular Emphysema

Centrilobular Emphysemas

Emphysema, Centriacinar

Emphysema, Centrilobular

Emphysema, Focal

Emphysema, Panacinar

Emphysema, Panlobular

Emphysema, Pulmonary

Emphysemas, Centriacinar

Emphysemas, Centrilobular

Emphysemas, Focal

Emphysemas, Panacinar

Emphysemas, Panlobular

Emphysemas, Pulmonary

Focal Emphysema

Focal Emphysemas

Panacinar Emphysema

Panacinar Emphysemas

Panlobular Emphysema

Panlobular Emphysemas

Pulmonary Emphysemas

Enlargement of air spaces distal to the TERMINAL BRONCHIOLES where gas-exchange normally takes place. This is usually due to destruction of the alveolar wall. Pulmonary emphysema can be classified by the location and distribution of the lesions.