Pyrimidine Dimers


Cyclobutane Dimer, Thymine-Thymine

Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimers

Cyclobutane-Pyrimidine Dimers

Cytosine Thymine Dimers

Cytosine-Thymine Dimers

Dimer, Thymine-Cyclobutane

Dimer, Thymine-Thymine Cyclobutane

Dimers, Cyclobutane-Pyrimidine

Dimers, Cytosine-Thymine

Dimers, Pyrimidine

Dimers, Thymine

Thymine Cyclobutane Dimer

Thymine Dimers

Thymine Thymine Cyclobutane Dimer

Thymine-Cyclobutane Dimer

Thymine-Thymine Cyclobutane Dimer

Dimers found in DNA chains damaged by ULTRAVIOLET RAYS. They consist of two adjacent PYRIMIDINE NUCLEOTIDES, usually THYMINE nucleotides, in which the pyrimidine residues are covalently joined by a cyclobutane ring. These dimers block DNA REPLICATION.

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