Receptors, Artificial


Abiotic Receptor

Abiotic Receptors

Artificial Receptor

Artificial Receptor, Biocompatible

Artificial Receptors

Artificial Receptors, Biocompatible

Biocompatible Artificial Receptor

Biocompatible Artificial Receptors

Biocompatible Synthetic Receptor

Biocompatible Synthetic Receptors

Receptor, Abiotic

Receptor, Artificial

Receptor, Biocompatible Artificial

Receptor, Biocompatible Synthetic

Receptor, Synthetic

Receptors, Abiotic

Receptors, Biocompatible Artificial

Receptors, Biocompatible Synthetic

Receptors, Synthetic

Synthetic Receptor

Synthetic Receptor, Biocompatible

Synthetic Receptors

Synthetic Receptors, Biocompatible

Receptors that are created by SYNTHETIC CHEMISTRY TECHNIQUES. They are usually designed to mimic endogenous CELL SURFACE RECEPTORS.