Receptors, CCR2


Antigens, CD192


CC Chemokine Receptor 2

CC Chemokine Receptor-2

CC Chemokine Receptors 2

CCR 2A MCP 1 Receptor

CCR-2A MCP-1 Receptor

CCR2 Receptor

CCR2 Receptors

CCR2a Receptor

CCR2b Receptor

CCR2b Receptors

CD192 Antigens

Chemokine Receptor-2, CC

MCP 1 Receptor

MCP 1 Receptor 2B

MCP 1 Receptor CCR 2A

MCP 1 Receptors

MCP-1 Receptor

MCP-1 Receptor 2B

MCP-1 Receptor CCR-2A

MCP-1 Receptor, CCR-2A

MCP-1 Receptors



Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1 Receptor

Receptor CCR-2A, MCP-1

Receptor, CCR-2A MCP-1

Receptor, CCR2

Receptor, CCR2a

Receptor, CCR2b

Receptor, MCP-1

Receptor-2, CC Chemokine

Receptors, CCR2b

Receptors, MCP-1

CCR receptors with specificity for CHEMOKINE CCL2 and several other CCL2-related chemokines. They are expressed at high levels in T-LYMPHOCYTES; B-LYMPHOCYTES; MACROPHAGES; BASOPHILS; and NK CELLS.