Receptors, Gonadotropin


Gonadotopin Receptor

Gonadotropin Receptor, Pituitary

Gonadotropin Receptors

Gonadotropin Receptors, Pituitary

Gonadotropins Receptors

Menotropin Receptors

Pituitary Gonadotropin Receptor

Pituitary Gonadotropin Receptors

Receptor, Gonadotopin

Receptor, Pituitary Gonadotropin

Receptors, Gonadotropins

Receptors, Menotropin

Receptors, Pituitary Gonadotropin

Those protein complexes or molecular sites on the surfaces of gonadal and other sensitive cells that bind gonadotropins and thereby modify the functions of those cells; hCG, LH, and FOLLICLE STIMULATING HORMONE are the major specific gonadotropins.