Receptors, Interleukin-3


IL 3 Receptor

IL 3 Receptors

IL-3 Receptor

IL-3 Receptors

IL3 Receptor

IL3 Receptors

Interleukin 3 Receptor

Interleukin 3 Receptors

Interleukin-3 Receptor

Interleukin-3 Receptors

Receptor, IL-3

Receptor, IL3

Receptor, Interleukin-3

Receptors, IL 3

Receptors, IL-3

Receptors, IL3

Receptors, Interleukin 3

High affinity receptors for INTERLEUKIN-3. They are found on early HEMATOPOIETIC PROGENITOR CELLS; progenitors of MYELOID CELLS; EOSINOPHILS; and BASOPHILS. Interleukin-3 receptors are formed by the dimerization of the INTERLEUKIN-3 RECEPTOR ALPHA SUBUNIT and the CYTOKINE RECEPTOR COMMON BETA SUBUNIT.