Receptors, Neurokinin-3


B Receptors, Neurokinin

K Receptors, Neuromedin

NK 3 Receptor

NK 3 Receptors

NK-3 Receptor

NK-3 Receptors

Neurokinin 3 Receptor

Neurokinin 3 Receptors

Neurokinin B Receptors

Neurokinin-3 Receptor

Neurokinin-3 Receptors

Neuromedin K Receptor

Neuromedin K Receptors

Receptor, NK-3

Receptor, Neurokinin-3

Receptor, Neuromedin K

Receptors, NK 3

Receptors, NK-3

Receptors, Neurokinin 3

Receptors, Neurokinin B

Receptors, Neuromedin K

A class of cell surface receptors for tachykinins that prefers neurokinin B (neurokinin beta, neuromedin K) over other tachykinins. Neurokinin-3 (NK-3) receptors have been cloned and are members of the G-protein coupled receptor superfamily. They have been found in the central nervous system and in peripheral tissues.