Receptors, Polymeric Immunoglobulin


Ig Receptor, Polymeric

Immunoglobulin Receptor, Polymeric

Immunoglobulin Receptors, Polymeric

Poly Ig Receptor

Poly-Ig Receptor

Polyimmunoglobulin Receptor

Polymeric Ig Receptor

Polymeric Immunoglobulin Receptor

Polymeric Immunoglobulin Receptors

Receptor, Poly-Ig

Receptor, Polyimmunoglobulin

Receptor, Polymeric Ig

Receptor, Polymeric Immunoglobulin

Specialized Fc receptors (RECEPTORS, FC) for polymeric immunoglobulins, which mediate transcytosis of polymeric IMMUNOGLOBULIN A and IMMUNOGLOBULIN M into external secretions. They are found on the surfaces of epithelial cells and hepatocytes. After binding to IMMUNOGLOBULIN A, the receptor-ligand complex undergoes endocytosis, transport by vesicle, and secretion into the lumen by exocytosis. Before release, the part of the receptor (SECRETORY COMPONENT) that is bound to IMMUNOGLOBULIN A is proteolytically cleaved from its transmembrane tail. (From Rosen et al., The Dictionary of Immunology, 1989)