Receptors, Purinergic P2Y12


P2T Purinoceptor

P2T, Purinoceptor

P2Y(ADP) Receptor

P2Y(T) Receptor

P2Y12 Purinoceptor

P2Y12 Purinoceptors

P2Y12 Receptors, Purinergic

P2Y12, Purinergic Receptor

P2Y12, Purinoceptor

Purinergic P2Y12 Receptors

Purinergic Receptor P2Y, G-Protein Coupled, 12

Purinergic Receptor P2Y12

Purinoceptor P2T

Purinoceptor P2Y12

Purinoceptor, P2T

Purinoceptor, P2Y12

Purinoceptors, P2Y12

A subclass of purinergic P2Y receptors that have a preference for ADP binding and are coupled to GTP-BINDING PROTEIN ALPHA SUBUNIT, GI. The P2Y12 purinergic receptors are found in PLATELETS where they play an important role regulating PLATELET ACTIVATION.