Receptors, Very Late Antigen


Activation Antigens, VLA

Antigens, VLA Activation

Antigens, VLA Differentiation

Differentiation Antigens, VLA

Protein Complex, VLA

Receptor, Very Late Antigen

Receptors, VLA

Receptors, Very Late Activation Antigen

VLA Activation Antigens

VLA Differentiation Antigens

VLA Protein Complex

VLA Receptors

Very Late Activation Antigen Receptors

Very Late Antigen Receptors

Members of the integrin family appearing late after T-cell activation. They are a family of proteins initially identified at the surface of stimulated T-cells, but now identified on a variety of cell types. At least six VLA antigens have been identified as heterodimeric adhesion receptors consisting of a single common beta-subunit and different alpha-subunits.