RecQ Helicases


ATP Dependent DNA Helicase Q1

ATP Dependent DNA Helicase Q4

ATP Dependent DNA Helicase Q5

ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase Q1

ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase Q4

ATP-Dependent DNA Helicase Q5

DNA Dependent ATPase Q1

DNA Helicase Q1

DNA Helicase RecQL

DNA Helicase RecQL4

DNA Helicase, RecQ like type 2

DNA Helicase, RecQ-like type 2

DNA-Dependent ATPase Q1

Helicase, RECQL1

Helicase, RTS

Helicase, RecQ2

Helicase, RecQ3

Helicase, RecQ5

Helicase, RecQ5L

Helicase, RecQL

Helicase, RecQL2

Helicase, RecQL3

Helicase, RecQL4

Helicases, RecQ

RECQL1 Helicase

RTS Helicase

RecQ Family of DNA Helicases

RecQ Protein

RecQ2 Helicase

RecQ3 Helicase

RecQ4 Helicase

RecQ5 Helicase

RecQ5L Helicase

RecQL Helicase

RecQL2 Helicase

RecQL3 Helicase

RecQL4 Helicase

A family of structurally-related DNA helicases that play an essential role in the maintenance of genome integrity. RecQ helicases were originally discovered in E COLI and are highly conserved across both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Genetic mutations that result in loss of RecQ helicase activity gives rise to disorders that are associated with CANCER predisposition and premature aging.