Resistance Training


Exercise Program, Weight-Bearing

Exercise Program, Weight-Lifting

Exercise Programs, Weight-Bearing

Exercise Programs, Weight-Lifting

Strength Training

Strengthening Program, Weight-Bearing

Strengthening Program, Weight-Lifting

Strengthening Programs, Weight-Bearing

Strengthening Programs, Weight-Lifting

Training, Resistance

Training, Strength

Weight Bearing Exercise Program

Weight Bearing Strengthening Program

Weight Lifting Exercise Program

Weight Lifting Strengthening Program

Weight-Bearing Exercise Program

Weight-Bearing Exercise Programs

Weight-Bearing Strengthening Program

Weight-Bearing Strengthening Programs

Weight-Lifting Exercise Program

Weight-Lifting Exercise Programs

Weight-Lifting Strengthening Program

Weight-Lifting Strengthening Programs

A type of strength-building exercise program that requires the body muscle to exert a force against some form of resistance, such as weight, stretch bands, water, or immovable objects. Resistance exercise is a combination of static and dynamic contractions involving shortening and lengthening of skeletal muscles.