Retinal Perforations


Break, Retinal

Breaks, Retinal

Dialyses, Retinal

Hole, Macular

Hole, Retinal

Holes, Macular

Holes, Retinal

Macular Hole

Macular Holes

Perforation, Retinal

Perforations, Retinal

Retinal Break

Retinal Breaks

Retinal Dialyse

Retinal Dialyses

Retinal Hole

Retinal Holes

Retinal Perforation

Retinal Tear

Retinal Tears

Tear, Retinal

Tears, Retinal

Perforations through the whole thickness of the retina including the macula as the result of inflammation, trauma, degeneration, etc. The concept includes retinal breaks, tears, dialyses, and holes.