Retinal Rod Photoreceptor Cells


Cell, Retinal Rod

Cell, Rod Photoreceptor

Cells, Retinal Rod

Cells, Rod Photoreceptor

Photoreceptor Cell, Rod

Photoreceptor Cells, Rod

Photoreceptor, Retinal Rod

Photoreceptor, Rod

Photoreceptors, Retinal Rod

Photoreceptors, Rod

Retinal Rod

Retinal Rod Cell

Retinal Rod Cells

Retinal Rod Photoreceptor

Retinal Rod Photoreceptors

Retinal Rods

Rod (Retina)

Rod Cell, Retinal

Rod Cells, Retinal

Rod Photoreceptor

Rod Photoreceptor Cell

Rod Photoreceptor Cells

Rod Photoreceptor, Retinal

Rod Photoreceptors

Rod Photoreceptors, Retinal

Rod, Retinal

Rods (Retina)

Rods, Retinal

Photosensitive afferent neurons located in the peripheral retina, with their density increases radially away from the FOVEA CENTRALIS. Being much more sensitive to light than the RETINAL CONE CELLS, the rod cells are responsible for twilight vision (at scotopic intensities) as well as peripheral vision, but provide no color discrimination.