Ribonuclease T1


Aspergillus oryzae Ribonuclease

Guanyl Specific RNase

Guanyl-Specific RNase


RNase Apl

RNase F1

RNase Pch 1

RNase ST

RNase T1

RNase, Guanyl-Specific

RNase, T 1

Ribonuclease F1

Ribonuclease F2

Ribonuclease N1

Ribonuclease ST

Ribonuclease T 1

Ribonuclease T-1

Ribonuclease, Aspergillus oryzae

Ribonucleate 3'-guanylo-oligonucleotidohydrolase

T 1 RNase

An enzyme catalyzing the endonucleolytic cleavage of RNA at the 3'-position of a guanylate residue. EC