RNA-Induced Silencing Complex


Complex, RNA-Induced Silencing

Multicomponent Nuclease, RISC

Nuclease, RISC Multicomponent

RISC Multicomponent Nuclease

RNA Induced Silencing Complex

Silencing Complex, RNA-Induced

A multicomponent, ribonucleoprotein complex comprised of one of the family of ARGONAUTE PROTEINS and the "guide strand" of the one of the 20- to 30-nucleotide small RNAs. RISC cleaves specific RNAs, which are targeted for degradation by homology to these small RNAs. Functions in regulating gene expression are determined by the specific argonaute protein and small RNA including siRNA (RNA, SMALL INTERFERING), miRNA (MICRORNA), or piRNA (PIWI-INTERACTING RNA).