RNA Interference


Co Suppression



Gene Silencing, Post Transcriptional

Gene Silencing, Post-Transcriptional

Gene Silencing, Posttranscriptional

Gene Silencings, Posttranscriptional

Interference, RNA

Post Transcriptional Gene Silencing

Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencing

Post-Transcriptional Gene Silencings

Posttranscriptional Gene Silencing

RNA Silencing


Silencing, Post-Transcriptional Gene

A gene silencing phenomenon whereby specific dsRNAs (RNA, DOUBLE-STRANDED) trigger the degradation of homologous mRNA (RNA, MESSENGER). The specific dsRNAs are processed into SMALL INTERFERING RNA (siRNA) which serves as a guide for cleavage of the homologous mRNA in the RNA-INDUCED SILENCING COMPLEX. DNA METHYLATION may also be triggered during this process.