S-Phase Kinase-Associated Proteins


Kinase-Associated Proteins, S-Phase

Proteins, S-Phase Kinase-Associated

S Phase Kinase Associated Protein

S Phase Kinase Associated Proteins

S-Phase Kinase Associated Protein


SKP1, p19

SKP2, p45

Skp Domain Protein

Skp Domain Proteins

Skp1 Protein

Skp1 Proteins

Skp2 Protein

Skp2 Proteins

p19 SKP1

p19(SKP1) Protein

p45 SKP2


p45(SKP2) Protein

A family of structurally-related proteins that were originally identified by their ability to complex with cyclin proteins (CYCLINS). They share a common domain that binds specifically to F-BOX MOTIFS. They take part in SKP CULLIN F-BOX PROTEIN LIGASES, where they can bind to a variety of F-BOX PROTEINS.