S100 Calcium Binding Protein beta Subunit


NTP S 100beta


Nerve Tissue Protein S 100, beta Subunit

Nerve Tissue Protein S 100b

Neural Protein S 100B

Neural Protein S-100B

Neurotrophic Protein S100beta

Protein S-100B, Neural

Protein S100beta, Neurotrophic

Protein, S-100b

Protein, S100beta

Proteins, S 100b

Proteins, S-100b

S 100 Calcium Binding Protein beta Subunit

S 100b Protein

S 100beta

S-100 Calcium-Binding Protein beta Subunit

S-100B, Neural Protein

S-100b Protein

S-100b Proteins


S100beta Protein

S100beta, Neurotrophic Protein

A calcium-binding protein that is 92 AA long, contains 2 EF-hand domains, and is concentrated mainly in GLIAL CELLS. Elevation of S100B levels in brain tissue correlates with a role in neurological disorders.