Salt-Tolerant Plants


Halophilic Plant

Halophilic Plants



Halophytic Plant

Halophytic Plants

Plant, Halophilic

Plant, Halophytic

Plant, Saline-Resistant

Plant, Saline-Tolerant

Plant, Salt-Adapted

Plant, Salt-Resistant

Plant, Salt-Tolerant

Plants, Halophilic

Plants, Halophytic

Plants, Saline-Resistant

Plants, Saline-Tolerant

Plants, Salt Tolerant

Plants, Salt-Adapted

Plants, Salt-Resistant

Plants, Salt-Tolerant

Saline Resistant Plants

Saline Tolerant Plants

Saline-Resistant Plant

Saline-Resistant Plants

Saline-Tolerant Plant

Saline-Tolerant Plants

Salt Adapted Plants

Salt Resistant Plants

Salt Tolerant Plants

Salt-Adapted Plant

Salt-Adapted Plants

Salt-Resistant Plant

Salt-Resistant Plants

Salt-Tolerant Plant

Plants that can grow well in soils that have a high SALINITY.