(Sar1,Val5,Ala8)Angiotensin II

1 Sar 8 Ala Angiotensin II

1 Sarcosine 8 Alanine Angiotensin II

1-Sar-8-Ala Angiotensin II

1-Sarcosine-8-Alanine Angiotensin II

Angiotensin II, 1-(N-methylglycine)-5-L-valine-8-L-alanine-

Angiotensin II, 1-Sar-8-Ala

Angiotensin II, 1-Sarcosine-8-Alanine

Angiotensin II, Sar(1)-Ala(8)-

Angiotensin II, Sarcosyl(1)-Alanine(8)-

Anhydrous Saralasin Acetate

Hydrated Saralasin Acetate


Saralasin Acetate

Saralasin Acetate, Anhydrous

Saralasin Acetate, Hydrated

An octapeptide analog of angiotensin II (bovine) with amino acids 1 and 8 replaced with sarcosine and alanine, respectively. It is a highly specific competitive inhibitor of angiotensin II that is used in the diagnosis of HYPERTENSION.