Altitudinal Scotoma

Altitudinal Scotomas

Arcuate Scotoma

Arcuate Scotomas

Bjerrum Scotoma

Bjerrum Scotomas

Central Scotoma

Central Scotomas

Centrocecal Scotoma

Centrocecal Scotomas

Paracecal Scotoma

Paracecal Scotomas

Paracentral Scotoma

Paracentral Scotomas

Peripheral Scotoma

Peripheral Scotomas

Ring Scotoma

Ring Scotomas

Scintillating Scotoma

Scintillating Scotomas

Scotoma, Altitudinal

Scotoma, Arcuate

Scotoma, Bjerrum

Scotoma, Central

Scotoma, Centrocecal

Scotoma, Paracecal

Scotoma, Paracentral

Scotoma, Peripheral

Scotoma, Ring

Scotoma, Scintillating

Scotoma, Sector


Scotomas, Altitudinal

Scotomas, Arcuate

Scotomas, Bjerrum

Scotomas, Central

Scotomas, Centrocecal

Scotomas, Paracecal

Scotomas, Paracentral

Scotomas, Peripheral

Scotomas, Ring

Scotomas, Scintillating

Scotomas, Sector

Sector Scotoma

Sector Scotomas

A localized defect in the visual field bordered by an area of normal vision. This occurs with a variety of EYE DISEASES (e.g., RETINAL DISEASES and GLAUCOMA); OPTIC NERVE DISEASES, and other conditions.