Aurelia aurita

Aurelia auritas

Chrysaora fuscescen

Chrysaora fuscescens

Jellies, Moon

Jelly, Moon

Jellyfish, Moon

Jellyfish, True

Jellyfishs, Moon

Jellyfishs, True

Moon Jellies

Moon Jelly

Moon Jellyfish

Moon Jellyfishs

Nettle, Pacific Sea

Nettles, Pacific Sea

Pacific Sea Nettle

Pacific Sea Nettles


Sea Nettle, Pacific

Sea Nettle, West Coast

Sea Nettles, Pacific

True Jellyfish

True Jellyfishs

auritas, Aurelia

fuscescens, Chrysaora

The class of true jellyfish, in the phylum CNIDARIA. They are mostly free-swimming marine organisms that go through five stages in their life cycle and exhibit two body forms: polyp and medusa.