Secologanin Tryptamine Alkaloids


Alkaloids, Monoterpenoid Indole

Alkaloids, Rauvolfia

Alkaloids, Rauwolfia

Alkaloids, Secologanin Indole

Alkaloids, Secologanin Tryptamine

Alkaloids, Terpenoid Indole


Indole Alkaloids, Monoterpenoid

Indole Alkaloids, Secologanin

Indole Alkaloids, Terpenoid

Monoterpenoid Indole Alkaloids

Rauvolfia Alkaloids

Rauwolfia Alkaloids

Secologanin Indole Alkaloids

Terpenoid Indole Alkaloids

Tryptamine Alkaloids, Secologanin


Compounds formed by condensation of secologanin with tryptamine resulting in a tetrahydro-beta-carboline which is processed further to a number of bioactive compounds. These are especially found in plants of the APOCYNACEAE; LOGANIACEAE; and RUBIACEAE families.