Segmental Duplications, Genomic


DNA Low-Copy Repeat

DNA Low-Copy Repeats

Duplication, Genomic Segmental

Duplication, Segmental

Duplications, Genomic Segmental

Duplications, Segmental



Genomic Segmental Duplication

Genomic Segmental Duplications

Low Copy Repeat Sequences

Low Copy Repeats

Low Copy Repeats, DNA

Low-Copy Repeat

Low-Copy Repeat Sequence

Low-Copy Repeat Sequences

Low-Copy Repeat, DNA

Low-Copy Repeats

Low-Copy Repeats, DNA

Repeat Sequence, Low-Copy

Repeat Sequences, Low-Copy

Repeat, DNA Low-Copy

Repeat, Low-Copy

Repeats, DNA Low-Copy

Repeats, Low-Copy

Segmental Duplication

Segmental Duplication, Genomic

Segmental Duplications

Sequence, Low-Copy Repeat

Sequences, Low-Copy Repeat

Low-copy (2-50) repetitive DNA elements that are highly homologous and range in size from 1000 to 400,000 base pairs.