Solute Carrier Family 12, Member 1


BSC1 Transport Protein

Bumetanide-Sensitive Sodium-(Potassium)-Chloride Cotransporter 2

Cotransporter, NKCC2

Cotransporter, SLC12A1

Kidney Specific Na K Cl Symporter

Kidney-Specific Na-K-Cl Symporter

NKCC2 Cotransporter

NKCC2 Protein

Na-K-Cl Symporter, Kidney-Specific

Protein, BSC1 Transport

Protein, NKCC2

Protein, SLC12A1

SLC12A1 Cotransporter

SLC12A1 Protein

Symporter, Kidney-Specific Na-K-Cl

Transport Protein, BSC1

Na-K-Cl transporter in the ASCENDING LIMB OF LOOP OF HENLE. It mediates active reabsorption of sodium chloride and is inhibited by LOOP DIURETICS such as FUROSEMIDE; and BUMETANIDE. Mutations in the gene encoding SLC12A1 are associated with a BARTTER SYNDROME.