African green monkey simian foamy virus

Bovine Syncytial Virus

Bovine Syncytial Viruses

Bovine foamy virus

Bovine foamy viruses

Feline Syncytium Forming Virus

Feline Syncytium-Forming Virus

Feline Syncytium-Forming Viruses

Feline foamy virus

Feline foamy viruses

Foamy Virus

Foamy Viruses

Macaque simian foamy virus

Simian foamy virus 1

Simian foamy virus 3



Syncytial Virus, Bovine

Syncytial Viruses, Bovine

Syncytium-Forming Virus, Feline

Syncytium-Forming Viruses, Feline

foamy virus, Bovine

foamy viruses, Bovine

foamy viruses, Feline

virus, Feline foamy

viruses, Bovine foamy

viruses, Feline foamy

Genus of non-oncogenic retroviruses which establish persistent infections in many animal species but are considered non-pathogenic. Its species have been isolated from primates (including humans), cattle, cats, hamsters, horses, and sea lions. Spumaviruses have a foamy or lace-like appearance and are often accompanied by syncytium formation. SIMIAN FOAMY VIRUS is the type species.