Sturge-Weber Syndrome


Angiomatosis Oculoorbital-Thalamic Syndrome

Angiomatosis, Meningo-Oculo-Facial

Encephalofacial Hemangiomatosis Syndrome

Hemangiomatosis Syndrome, Encephalofacial

Meningo Oculo Facial Angiomatosis

Meningo-Oculo-Facial Angiomatosis

Meningofacial Angiomatosis-Cerebral Calcification Syndrome


Parkes Weber Syndrome

Parkes-Weber Syndrome

Phakomatosis, Sturge Weber

Phakomatosis, Sturge-Weber

Sturge Disease

Sturge Kalischer Weber Syndrome

Sturge Syndrome

Sturge Weber Dimitri Syndrome

Sturge Weber Krabbe Syndrome

Sturge Weber Syndrome

Sturge's Syndrome

Sturge-Kalischer-Weber Syndrome

Sturge-Weber Phakomatosis

Sturge-Weber-Dimitri Syndrome

Sturge-Weber-Krabbe Syndrome

Syndrome, Encephalofacial Hemangiomatosis

Syndrome, Parkes Weber

Syndrome, Parkes-Weber

Syndrome, Sturge

Syndrome, Sturge's

Syndrome, Sturge-Kalischer-Weber

Syndrome, Sturge-Weber

Syndrome, Sturge-Weber-Dimitri

Syndrome, Sturge-Weber-Krabbe

A non-inherited congenital condition with vascular and neurological abnormalities. It is characterized by facial vascular nevi (PORT-WINE STAIN), and capillary angiomatosis of intracranial membranes (MENINGES; CHOROID). Neurological features include EPILEPSY; cognitive deficits; GLAUCOMA; and visual defects.