Suburethral Slings


Male Sling

Male Slings

Male Urethral Sling

Male Urethral Slings

Mid Urethral Slings

Mid-Urethral Sling

Mid-Urethral Slings

Midurethral Sling

Midurethral Slings

Sling, Male

Sling, Male Urethral

Sling, Mid-Urethral

Sling, Midurethral

Sling, Suburethral

Sling, Urethral

Slings, Male

Slings, Male Urethral

Slings, Mid-Urethral

Slings, Midurethral

Slings, Suburethral

Slings, Urethral

Suburethral Sling

Suburethral Tape, Transobturator

Suburethral Tapes, Transobturator

Tape, Tension-Free Vaginal

Tape, Tensionless Vaginal

Tape, Trans-Obturator

Tape, Transobturator

Tape, Transobturator Suburethral

Tapes, Tension-Free Vaginal

Tapes, Tensionless Vaginal

Tapes, Trans-Obturator

Tapes, Transobturator

Tapes, Transobturator Suburethral

Tension Free Vaginal Tape

Tension-Free Vaginal Tape

Tension-Free Vaginal Tapes

Tensionless Vaginal Tape

Tensionless Vaginal Tapes

Trans Obturator Tape

Trans-Obturator Tape

Trans-Obturator Tapes

Transobturator Suburethral Tape

Transobturator Suburethral Tapes

Transobturator Tape

Transobturator Tapes

Urethral Sling

Urethral Sling, Male

Urethral Slings

Urethral Slings, Male

Vaginal Tape, Tension-Free

Vaginal Tape, Tensionless

Vaginal Tapes, Tension-Free

Vaginal Tapes, Tensionless

Support structures, made from natural or synthetic materials, that are implanted below the URETHRA to treat URINARY STRESS INCONTINENCE.