Telomere-Binding Proteins


Double Stranded Telomere Binding Proteins

Double Stranded Telomeric Binding Protein

Double-Stranded Telomere-Binding Proteins

Double-Stranded Telomeric Binding Protein

Single Stranded Telomere Binding Protein

Single Stranded Telomere Binding Proteins

Single-Stranded Telomere-Binding Protein

Single-Stranded Telomere-Binding Proteins

Telomer Binding Protein, alpha Subunit

Telomer Binding Protein, beta Subunit

Telomer-Binding Protein, alpha-Subunit

Telomer-Binding Protein, beta-Subunit

Telomere Binding Proteins

Telomere Binding Proteins, Double Stranded

Telomere Binding Proteins, Single Stranded

Telomere End-Binding Protein (TEBP)

Telomere Repeat Binding Factor

Telomere Repeat Binding Factors

Telomere Repeat Binding Proteins

Telomere-Binding Protein, Single-Stranded

Telomere-Binding Proteins, Double Stranded

Telomere-Binding Proteins, Double-Stranded

Telomere-Binding Proteins, Single-Stranded

alpha Telomere Binding Protein

alpha-Subunit Telomer-Binding Protein

alpha-Telomere-Binding Protein

beta Telomere Binding Protein

beta-Subunit Telomer-Binding Protein

beta-Telomere-Binding Protein

Proteins that specifically bind to TELOMERES. Proteins in this class include those that perform functions such as telomere capping, telomere maintenance and telomere stabilization.