Tendon Entrapment


Entrapment, Tendon

Entrapments, Tendon

Stenosing Tendovaginitides

Stenosing Tendovaginitis

Stenosing Tenosynovitides

Stenosing Tenosynovitis

Stenosing Tenovaginitides

Stenosing Tenovaginitis

Tendon Entrapments

Tendovaginitides, Stenosing

Tendovaginitis, Stenosing

Tenosynovitides, Stenosing

Tenosynovitis, Stenosing

Tenovaginitides, Stenosing

Tenovaginitis, Stenosing

Narrowing or stenosis of a tendon's retinacular sheath. It occurs most often in the hand or wrist but can also be found in the foot or ankle. The most common types are DE QUERVAIN DISEASE and TRIGGER FINGER DISORDER.