Thyroiditis, Autoimmune


Autoimmune Thyroiditides

Autoimmune Thyroiditis

Lymphocytic Thyroiditides

Lymphocytic Thyroiditis

Lymphomatous Thyroiditides

Lymphomatous Thyroiditis

Thyroiditides, Autoimmune

Thyroiditides, Lymphocytic

Thyroiditides, Lymphomatous

Thyroiditis, Lymphocytic

Thyroiditis, Lymphomatous

Inflammatory disease of the THYROID GLAND due to autoimmune responses leading to lymphocytic infiltration of the gland. It is characterized by the presence of circulating thyroid antigen-specific T-CELLS and thyroid AUTOANTIBODIES. The clinical signs can range from HYPOTHYROIDISM to THYROTOXICOSIS depending on the type of autoimmune thyroiditis.