Thyroiditis, Subacute


Cell Thyroiditides, Giant

Cell Thyroiditis, Giant

De Quervain Thyroiditis

Giant Cell Thyroiditides

Giant Cell Thyroiditis

Granulomatous Thyroiditides

Granulomatous Thyroiditis

Nonsuppurative Thyroiditides, Subacute

Nonsuppurative Thyroiditis, Subacute

Painful Thyroiditides, Subacute

Painful Thyroiditis, Subacute

Subacute Nonsuppurative Thyroiditides

Subacute Nonsuppurative Thyroiditis

Subacute Painful Thyroiditides

Subacute Painful Thyroiditis

Subacute Thyroiditides

Subacute Thyroiditis

Thyroiditides, Giant Cell

Thyroiditides, Granulomatous

Thyroiditides, Subacute

Thyroiditides, Subacute Nonsuppurative

Thyroiditides, Subacute Painful

Thyroiditis, De Quervain

Thyroiditis, Giant Cell

Thyroiditis, Granulomatous

Thyroiditis, Subacute Nonsuppurative

Thyroiditis, Subacute Painful

Spontaneously remitting inflammatory condition of the THYROID GLAND, characterized by FEVER; MUSCLE WEAKNESS; SORE THROAT; severe thyroid PAIN; and an enlarged damaged gland containing GIANT CELLS. The disease frequently follows a viral infection.