G Protein, Inhibitory Gt

G-Protein Gt, Transducin

G-Protein, Inhibitory Gt

Gt G-Protein, Inhibitory

Gt, Transducin G Protein

Gt, Transducin G-Protein

Inhibitory Gt G-Protein

Transducin G-Protein (Gt)

Transducin G-Protein Gt

Transducin, alpha Subunit

Transducin, beta Subunit

Transducin, gamma Subunit

alpha Subunit Transducin

alpha Transducin


beta Subunit Transducin

beta Transducin


gamma Subunit Transducin

gamma Transducin


A heterotrimeric GTP-binding protein that mediates the light activation signal from photolyzed rhodopsin to cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase and is pivotal in the visual excitation process. Activation of rhodopsin on the outer membrane of rod and cone cells causes GTP to bind to transducin followed by dissociation of the alpha subunit-GTP complex from the beta/gamma subunits of transducin. The alpha subunit-GTP complex activates the cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase which catalyzes the hydrolysis of cyclic GMP to 5'-GMP. This leads to closure of the sodium and calcium channels and therefore hyperpolarization of the rod cells.