Trigger Finger Disorder


Digit, Trigger

Digits, Trigger

Entrapment, Flexor Tendon

Entrapments, Flexor Tendon

Finger, Snapping

Fingers, Snapping

Flexor Tendon Entrapment

Flexor Tendon Entrapments

Snapping Finger

Snapping Fingers

Tendon Entrapment, Flexor

Tendon Entrapments, Flexor

Thumb, Trigger

Thumbs, Trigger

Trigger Digit

Trigger Digits

Trigger Thumb

Trigger Thumbs

A painful disability in the hand affecting the finger or thumb. It is caused by mechanical impingement of the digital flexor tendons as they pass through a narrowed retinacular pulley at the level of the metacarpal head. Thickening of the sheath and fibrocartilaginous metaplasia can occur, and nodules can form. (From Green's Operative Hand Surgery, 5th ed, p2137-58).