Uniparental Disomy


Disomies, Uniparental

Disomy, Uniparental

Heterodisomies, Uniparental

Heterodisomy, Uniparental

Isodisomies, Uniparental

Uniparental Disomies

Uniparental Heterodisomies

Uniparental Heterodisomy

Uniparental Isodisomies

Uniparental Isodisomy

The presence in a cell of two paired chromosomes from the same parent, with no chromosome of that pair from the other parent. This chromosome composition stems from non-disjunction (NONDISJUNCTION, GENETIC) events during MEIOSIS. The disomy may be composed of both homologous chromosomes from one parent (heterodisomy) or a duplicate of one chromosome (isodisomy).