Uterine Retroversion


Gravid Uterus, Retroverted

Incarcerated Retroverted Uterus

Retroflexed Uterus

Retroflexion, Uterine

Retroflexions, Uterine

Retroversion, Uterine

Retroversions, Uterine

Retroverted Gravid Uterus

Retroverted Uterus

Retroverted Uterus, Incarcerated

Tipped Uterus

Uterine Retroflexion

Uterine Retroflexions

Uterine Retroversions

Uterus, Incarcerated Retroverted

Uterus, Retroflexed

Uterus, Retroverted

Uterus, Retroverted Gravid

Uterus, Tipped

A condition in which the UTERUS is found tilted backward toward the spine. The uterus is more commonly found in a straight vertical or anteverted (tipped forward) position. Although retroverted uterus is a normal variant position without symptoms, it is sometimes associated with pain, discomfort and other pregnancy complications.