Vestibule, Labyrinth


Apparatus, Vestibular

Ear Vestibule

Ear Vestibules

Labyrinth Vestibule

Labyrinth Vestibules

Labyrinth, Vestibular

Labyrinths, Vestibular

Vestibular Apparatus

Vestibular Labyrinth

Vestibular Labyrinths

Vestibule of Ear

Vestibule, Ear

Vestibules, Ear

Vestibules, Labyrinth

Vestibulum Auris

An oval, bony chamber of the inner ear, part of the bony labyrinth. It is continuous with bony COCHLEA anteriorly, and SEMICIRCULAR CANALS posteriorly. The vestibule contains two communicating sacs (utricle and saccule) of the balancing apparatus. The oval window on its lateral wall is occupied by the base of the STAPES of the MIDDLE EAR.