Viral Fusion Proteins


F Protein (Sendai Virus)

F Protein Measles Virus

F Protein Newcastle Disease Virus

F Protein SV

F-Glycoprotein SV

F1 Polypeptide (Paramyxovirus)

Fusion Glycoprotein, Viral

Fusion Glycoproteins, Viral

Fusion Protein, Measles

Fusion Protein, Paramyxovirus

Fusion Proteins, Viral

Fusion Proteins, Virus

Fusion VP1 Protein

Fusion-GP, Viral

Glycoprotein, Viral Fusion

Glycoproteins, Viral Fusion

Measles Fusion Protein

Mumps Virus Fusion Protein

Paramyxovirus Fusion Protein

Proteins, Virus Fusion

Sendai Virus Fusion Protein

VP1 Protein, Fusion

Viral Fusion GP

Viral Fusion Glycoprotein

Viral Fusion Glycoproteins

Viral Fusion-GP

Virus Fusion Proteins

Proteins, usually glycoproteins, found in the viral envelopes of a variety of viruses. They promote cell membrane fusion and thereby may function in the uptake of the virus by cells.