Vomeronasal Organ


Jacobson Organ

Jacobson's Organ

Jacobsons Organ

Organum Vomeronasale

Organum Vomeronasales

Vomeronasal Nerve

Vomeronasal Nerves

Vomeronasal Organs

Vomeronasal System

Vomeronasal Systems

Vomeronasale, Organum

An accessory chemoreceptor organ that is separated from the main OLFACTORY MUCOSA. It is situated at the base of nasal septum close to the VOMER and NASAL BONES. It forwards chemical signals (such as PHEROMONES) to the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, thus influencing reproductive and social behavior. In humans, most of its structures except the vomeronasal duct undergo regression after birth.