2',3'-Cyclic Nucleotide 3'-Phosphodiesterase


2',3' CN Phosphodiesterase

2',3' CNPase

2',3' Cyclic Nucleotide 3' Phosphodiesterase

2',3' Cyclic Nucleotide 3' Phosphodiesterases

2',3'-CN Phosphodiesterase


2',3'-Cyclic Nucleotide 3'-Phosphodiesterases

3'-Phosphodiesterase, 2',3'-Cyclic Nucleotide

Cyclic CMP Phosphodiesterase

A phosphodiesterase that specifically cleaves the 3'-phosphate linkage of 2',3'-cyclic nucleotides. It is found at high level in the cytoplasm of cells that form the MYELIN SHEATH.