3-Oxo-5-alpha-Steroid 4-Dehydrogenase


3 Keto 5 alpha Steroid delta 4 Dehydrogenase

3 Oxo 5 alpha Steroid 4 Dehydrogenase

3-Keto-5-alpha-Steroid delta-4-Dehydrogenase

3-Oxo-5 alpha-steroid:(acceptor) delta(4)-oxidoreductase

3-oxo-5 alpha-Steroid 4-Dehydrogenase (NADP+)

3-oxo-5alpha-Steroid 4-Dehydrogenase (NADP+)

4 Ene 3 Oxosteroid 5alpha Reductase

4 Ene 5 alpha Reductase



5 alpha Reductase, Testosterone

5-alpha-Reductase, Steroid

5-alpha-Reductase, Testosterone

5Alpha Reductase, Steroid

5alpha-Oxidoreductase, delta4-3-ketosteroid

NADH 5 alpha Reductase


NADPH delta(4)-3-Ketosteroid 5 alpha-Oxidoreductase

Reductase, Steroid 5Alpha

Reductase, Steroid delta-4-5-alpha

Steroid 5 alpha Reductase

Steroid 5-alpha-Reductase

Steroid 5Alpha Reductase

Steroid delta 4 5 alpha Reductase

Steroid delta-4-5-alpha Reductase

Testosterone 5 alpha Reductase

Testosterone 5-alpha-Reductase

Testosterone delta 4 5 alpha Reductase

Testosterone delta-4-5-alpha-Reductase

delta 4 3 keto Steroid 5 alpha Oxidoreductase

delta 4-3-keto Steroid 5 alpha-Oxidoreductase


delta-4-5-alpha Reductase, Steroid

delta-4-5-alpha-Reductase, Testosterone

delta-4-Dehydrogenase, 3-Keto-5-alpha-Steroid

delta4 3 ketosteroid 5alpha Oxidoreductase

delta4-3-ketosteroid 5alpha-Oxidoreductase

An enzyme that catalyzes the reduction of TESTOSTERONE to 5-ALPHA DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE.