5' Untranslated Regions


5' UTR

5' UTRs

5' Untranslated Region



Leader Sequence, mRNA

Leader Sequences, mRNA

Leader mRNA Sequence

Leader mRNA Sequences

Region, 5' Untranslated

Regions, 5' Untranslated

Sequence, Leader mRNA

Sequence, mRNA Leader

Sequences, Leader mRNA

Sequences, mRNA Leader

UTR, 5'

UTRs, 5'

Untranslated Region, 5'

Untranslated Regions, 5'

mRNA Leader Sequence

mRNA Leader Sequences

mRNA Sequence, Leader

mRNA Sequences, Leader

The sequence at the 5' end of the messenger RNA that does not code for product. This sequence contains the ribosome binding site and other transcription and translation regulating sequences.